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Waverly Assisted Living Facility


Trinity, FL

Project Use

Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility

Project Size

76,904 Sq. Ft.



The Waverly is a 75,000 SF assisted living facility that encompasses simple assisted living and memory care. The building was specifically designed in a style to encourage comfort in the elderly (colors and materials) and allow for a full range of modern amenities. Built between the Trinity Hospital and Little Road shopping center, it offers a modern, high-quality, comfortable living environment with close access to medical and shopping.


The rooms range from single rooms through studios to small apartments for individuals or couples. The interior amenities include dining, a café, a craft area, pool tables, a library, a computer center, a hair stylist, a physical therapy area and nurses/doctor’s offices, private dining, family meeting rooms, and multiple resident lounges to help keep the residents active and social. This combined with a high level of technology to promote a healthy lifestyle provides a happy, comfortable, healthy environment for the residents.

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