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Platt Street Buildings


Tampa, FL

Project Use

Mixed use (commercial and business)

Project Size

5,445 Sq. Ft.

Livestone Consulting contracted with a land development company to explore the rebranding of an existing strip of Platt Street in North Tampa. The program for the development was centered around the community and the working class. On the street level, space was provided for a café or restaurant that opened onto the street, creating a moment of community interaction and engagement. On the upper floors of the proposed building, general office space was to be provided.

The client was very specific on how they envisioned the exterior look of the project. The proposed owner wanted the building to stand out and make a statement on the street corner, while making the building simple and clean. This resulted in a rectilinear façade of three elements; Florida sandstone, formed concrete, and walnut stained wooden planks.

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