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Construction Consulting

Providing tailored advisory services to minimize risk and assess your plans for optimal alignment with your project needs.


Cost-saving Techniques

Our team of experts will analyze your project requirements and provide solutions to reduce expenses without compromising quality. Our team will then have an in-depth discussion to understand the scope, needs, and budget in order to help you choose materials and designs that are best suited for you. 



Green-building Options

Livestone Consulting is committed to sustainable construction practices. We offer a range of green-building options to help you minimize your environmental impact. From optimizing the building envelope to selecting energy-efficient doors and windows, our consultants will guide you through the process. We'll explore window types, coatings, roofing materials, indoor environmental controls, and site options to create an eco-friendly environment.

Additional Consulting

Consult with our experts about various architect endeavors. We can advise on the design, planning, and be a resource guide keeping your best interests at the forefront. Here are some materials and project elements that may be modified to best suit your goals guided by us:

  1. Building envelope

  2. Doors

  3. Windows 

    • Window types

    • Window coatings

  4. Roofing materials

  5. Indoor environmental controls

  6. Site conditions

  7. Lighting

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