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Architectural Forensic Investigations

Our team takes the necessary precautions and steps to ensure structural investigations are done properly and thoroughly. The professional reviews every facet of the building from foundation to roof, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, life safety, and all other building systems. All of this information is then meticulously recorded and documented in order to correctly provide causation and solutions.


Building Forensics

  1. On site non-invasive/minimally invasive investigations into the building systems, structure, and overall environmental integrity

  2. Envelope enclosure and existing material condition/wear.

  3. Life safety review and recommendations


Comprehensive Report of Building Conditions

  1. Annotated photographs

  2. Discussion of 3rd party engineering reports

  3. Conclusions dictating the state of the building

  4. Recommendations for damage remediation

  5. Existing Materials Analysis

  6. Where possible causation determination


Expert Witness Testimony

  1. Depositions

  2. Court Testimony

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