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LDS Hammoks R & I


Miami, FL

Project Use


Project Size

24,000 Sq. Ft.



This 24,000 SF building in Miami had severe sick building syndrome; as such, we had to remove all interior and exterior finishes. Some of the mold was able to be encapsulated, thus minimizing cost, but most of it had to be removed. The entire interior of the structure had full mold remediation and refinishing. The exterior originally had a coquina stone finish. The stone panel connectors were completely rusted. All panels were removed and replaced with a modern stucco finish. The roof and some of the structure underneath were replaced, and all windows were either replaced or fully resealed. 

The project took 1.5 years to complete with weekly on-site inspections in order to coordinate with the general contractor due to the constantly emerging needs. As systems were remediated, hidden conditions were discovered. When we first were brought to the project, the Church was a danger to all parishioners to the point where the building was inhabitable.  Continued exposure to mold can lead to severe asthma in children, as well as lung infections and worse in adults. At completion, the building was not only fully remediated and safe, but also remodeled to a new, contemporary look. 

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