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Private Provider

Providing tailored comprehensive review and inspection services in place of the local municipality to minimize risk and assess your plans for optimal alignment with your project needs.


Plans Review and Inspection

We review contract documents (i.e. the construction documents, calculations, etc.) for local code and regulation compliance. Based on our findings, we provide the contractor with either; a report of required revisions to meet compliance or an RCC Stamped Construction Documentation set and Private Provider Packet that will be needed for permitting submission. Once the contractor has obtained a permit from the municipality, we then perform the building inspections instead of the municipality. This greatly increases the speed for permit approval and reduces time lost waiting for municipality inspectors.


3rd Party Inspection

Achieve peace of mind with our inspections. To prepare we ask necessary questions about the structure, have an on-site inspection, and create an inspection report. This report gives an insight to the quality and integrity of the work.

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