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Snappers' Addition


Palm Harbor, FL

Project Use


Project Size

3,000 Sq. Ft.



Livestone was contracted to design a new rooftop bar on the corner of an existing shopping center. The client wanted to increase the overall number of outdoor tables and bring much-needed height to the business as the major road directly in front of the comedy club is projected to become an overpass in the near future. The client wanted to make a statement with the new addition, however, they did not want the new addition to match the overall look of the shopping center.

One of the program elements that was a major factor in the design was the small neighborhood of single-family residences located directly behind the shopping center, along with site security for after-hours. Other factors that were taken into consideration include the signage from the new elevated road, future expansion of the new space, and the ability to reconfigure the space depending on the event or needs for the night.

The total new addition was to be a 3,000-square-foot dining space with a wraparound centerpiece bar, and its associated back-of-house needs. A keg-avatar was to be installed for ease of use for the staff and the delivery of hot food from the kitchen located below.

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