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Our Mission

At Livestone Consulting, we're dedicated to offering prompt, efficient, and comprehensive architectural solutions. Our team is committed to overseeing the various building processes from inception to completion and guiding you along the way.

Our goal is to forge a legacy marked by excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. We strive to become the preferred destination for a broad spectrum of high-quality architectural projects, seamlessly managing the building process and standing by our clients throughout the project. Whether traditional to cutting-edge, we always put our clients first.

Our Vision

Company Transparency

Livestone Consulting Inc. is an architecture firm providing "Cradle to Grave" architecture and interior design services, as well as architectural forensic services, for projects ranging from Churches to Office buildings and retail, and everything in between. At present, we are very heavy into commercial architecture, residential, and multi-family prompts.

Principal Architect & Founder

Gilad Livingstone

Gilad "Gil" Livingstone, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, founded the architect firm in 2012 to provide necessary forensic architecture services to various clients. From the beginning Gil produced a successful reporting technique, which lead to increased workload and requests for more traditional architectural services which necessitated expanding the firm into its current full-service incarnation. 


Gil's expertise in environmental architectural work is enriched by his bachelor's degree in Zoology, complemented by a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of South Florida. Graduating at the top of his class, he became the first member of the Architectural Honor Society at the university. Additionally, Gil holds an Interior Design certificate from the same institution.

As a testament to his commitment to Archiecture, Gil has become a founding member of the Senior Living Developers Council, dedicated to enhancing the quality of senior living through advancements in architecture, environment, technology, and services.

Edited Gil Livestone Headshot_edited.png

Meet the Team

The people who make your architectural visions a reality.

Our exceptional team of dedicated professionals collaborates seamlessly, ensuring precision, efficiency, and an outstanding experience and result. Their collective expertise in the industry allows them to effortlessly navigate client projects. From transforming innovative concepts into reality to a simple building inspection our team is known for its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Nikki Livingstone


Jacelyn Wright

Lead Draftsman

Corey Trilsch

Office Manager

Ken Knowles

Office Assistant

Jeremy Moore

Project Manager

Jonathan Fischer

Intern Draftsman

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