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Main Services

At Livestone Consulting, we offer a wide range of architectural services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. With our expertise and experience, we provide exceptional results, guidance and support to help you achieve immediate and sustainable results.

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Transform your architectural aspirations with our skilled team of professionals who excel in creating dynamic and purposeful structures; be it commercial complexes, residential sanctuaries, or iconic landmarks. From conceptualization to construction, we are committed to seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality into every project.

Construction Consulting

Our experts provide strategic insights on cost-saving techniques and essential considerations for building options inclusive of structure, roofing, and fenestrations. Beyond immediate project success, we guide you towards your goals in order to lead an enduring future for your building.

Construction work planning
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Architectural Forensic Investigations

From an unbiased point of view, we offer onsite investigations and comprehensive building conditions reports and will perform expert consulting services.

Private Provider

Otherwise known as "Construction Documentation Review," we review plans for code compliance to ensure everything meets industry and municipality requirements. This is followed by construction inspection that take the place of the municipality inspector.

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Additional Services

Architectural Feasibility Study,

Building Systems,

Expert Witness

Insurance wind certification
Cost Saving Techniques

And More!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my project cost?
    It depends. Your cost is dependent on the project's square footage, level of finishes, complexity along with estimated time of completion. The higher in quality the finishes the higher the cost. The shorter the timeline is the higher the cost.
  • What are my expected fees/cost?
    Each project will have different costs associated with them based on project requirements. However, you can typically expect to see one of the following costs: Architectural fees Engineering fee Construction cost Permitting fees
  • If work is delayed is there a fee?
    Typically, there are no additional fees due to delays in work incurred by our team. However, modifications may incur fees dependent on project stage and scope of modification made by client.
  • How quick can my project be completed?
    Your project timeline will be dependent on the scope of the project and the team's current workload.
  • What is SD?
    SD stands for schematic design. Architects, designers, and consultants may refer to the SD as the preliminary designs. These designs are crucial to as it is the foundation to the project. In SD's we work hand in hand with the client to bring their vision to life. This is where the creation of the floor plans, adjacency, etc., are met.
  • What is a CD?
    CD stands for construction documentation. Others may refer to it as the permit set or the construction drawing. Cd's are where the majority of the work takes place. In CD's we work with the approved floorplan created in the SD portion of the project, to now put to gather the set that the contractor will need for permitting. In the CD portion of a project, we incorporate local building code and standards to facility the permit set / construction drawings.
  • Can I make modification on my project?
    Yes, you can make modifications at any stage in the project. However, we recommend modifications be made in the SD portion of the project. As a result of changes made in the CD portion of the project, additional fees and possible delays in the project may occur.
  • What does Livestone Consulting offer?
    We are a full-service architecture firm, specializing in residential, commercial, and multi-family housing. We also work on government projects along with outpatient medical clinics. The only project type we currently do not offer is overnight medical clinics or hospitals. We can assist and support all aspects of your project from the initial concept to overseeing the construction.
  • Do you undertake remodeling or renovation projects?
    Yes, we can provide full services for your renovation / remodeling needs. Contact us today to receive a quote on your project.
  • Can I ONLY get a floor plan? I am not interested in the construction portion.
    Yes, we can create only a floorplan for you based on your needs and preferences. While we would love the opportunity to provide full services, we do understand not all clients may need full drawings.
  • Do you provide engineering letters/ inspection affidavit, after the fact?
    Yes, we do offer engineering letters, also known as inspection affidavits. This would be offered as a single inspection for code compliance covered by a one-time fee. With this, we do not need to be added to the permit.
  • Do you offer fire inspections?
    No, we do not offer fire inspections. Fire inspections must be performed either by the local fire marshal or a certified fire inspector.
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