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Bumby Meetinghouse R & I


Orlando, FL

Project Use


Project Size

16,885 Sq. Ft.



This Church in Orlando was originally supposed to be an addition of 420 SF to each side of the 15,000 SF building (840 sf total addition). When we investigated the building, we found that termites had eaten their way through all the exterior walls to the Church’s decorative face brick. There is a term “Reluctance to Fail” that describes why this building did not actually collapse.

This required a total redesign of the exterior structural system. The entire building had to be shored-up as the contractor removed the exterior wall in sections moving around the building. The work took nearly two years and required a weekly site visit in order to account for any and all unforeseen conditions.  The exterior of the building is now solid block with decorative face brick, and the interior was remodeled to a more contemporary look while the entire existing layout remained as originally drawn.

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