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ACP Corporate headquarters


San Antonio, FL

Project Use


Project Size

6,651 Sq. Ft.



Livestone Consulting was contracted to work with ACP to design a new corporate headquarters. The main concept for the new office building was community, both in the sense of the office dynamic and the community at large, and the second concept was natural lighting, having as much as possible. With these principles in mind, we explored how to organize the new structure into a community-based space dependent on the department or activity to be performed. We designed the center of the building, to not only act as the main entrance, but also as the main hub for common-use spaces; the conference room, breakroom, and gathering space for community engagement.  Flanking both sides, we located offices opening onto a secondary communal space.

 The roof was designed with site orientation in mind, along with the client’s vision for natural lighting to enter the interior of the building. Large transom windows were located in a clerestory to the west of the structure, to have natural morning daylight paint the space. To continue bringing in sunlight with the clerestory windows; we selected large casement windows on the ground floor to bring in as much natural light as possible.

Livestone Consulting took into account the client’s needs when selecting the exterior finishes. The client requested a clean and simple, statement piece, with an easy maintenance routine. With that in mind, we decided the majority of the exterior is to be stucco of differing levels of finish and textures along with a centerpiece of horizontal plank decking. The roofing, keeping with the ease of maintenance, is to be a standing seam.

This project is currently in the permitting stage, and construction should be starting in early 2024.

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